Through Data we create tomorrow's food production

We have the farmer in our heart and mind with everything we do.

Vi utvikler digitale løsninger for en mer effektiv og bærekraftig matproduksjon. Vi leverer digitale verktøy til over 7000 gårdsbruk gjennom blant annet Eana og Kukontrollen. Vi bygger digitale produkter for bønder som har enkle grensesnitt, sikrer effektiv datadeling og gir større innsikt som hjelper dem til kontinuerlig å forbedre produksjonen. Samtidig bygger vi en dataplattform og maskinlæringstjenester for å muliggjøre enkel deling og gjenbruk av høykvalitetsdata i landbruksindustrien.

MIMIRO er vinner av Landbrukets Innovasjonspris 2019.

Value through Data

Farmers experience that they have collected and stored data in multiple places for several years and existing applications cannot make use of this data and are not based on their needs.

We believe that farmers should be free to choose the digital solution that best suits their needs. MIMIRO works to free farmers' data from application silos, explore value and make it accessible and actionable.

We develop our Eana products based on the optimization and analysis of farmer's data. Eana products help farmers and advisers register new data and decision support to help optimize production. We give farmers a better control over their production and income across the entire value chain on the farm. Our products will help farmers understand their production better and empower them to make choices that are best for the farm and their future. Our solutions are easy to use and give the farmer specific advice they can act on. End-to-end decision support is the fundamental idea in everything we develop.


Data and Insights Platform

We believe in helping farmers and the environment by bringing them world class digital products and creating a high value data sharing ecosystem that reduces the costs and complexity of doing business in the agriculture sector.

We reduce the cost and complexity of data sharing in the agricultural sector, and ensure the quality and timeliness of the data. MIMIRO ensures that data is of high quality, enriched and more valuable by representing it in a standard model (CIMA - Common Information Model for Agriculture), adding insights and enhancing them with relevant contextual data.

Eana Cow

An application that helps you keep track of:
  • Information about each individual in the herd
  • Milk and slaughter deliveries with key figures
  • Test results in health and milk (per individual)
  • Upcoming reproduction events
  • Decision support for efficient feeding

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Eana Field

An application that among other things helps you to:
  • Largely automatically log field work
  • Keep track of work done on fields
  • Plan and delegate tasks
  • Make decisions for more efficient field work

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We simplify integration, reduce costs and complexity related to data sharing with your partners, while ensuring the quality and timeliness of the data you consume. To help to keep costs down, we have a simple yet powerful API, and we’ve found that partners can implement our API very quickly. In addition, we have an optional on-site MIMIRO Hub, which you can install on-site to simplify integration even further.

Raw data has quite limited value and the ability to extract insights from data increases when it is enriched in various ways. With our in-house experts, both data experts and domain experts, we offer services in standardizing our partners' datasets. We are developing our own enrichment algorithm which we can add to your datasets to help enrich them. Ensuring data is high quality, enriched and more valuable by presenting it into a standard model, adding insights and combining it with relevant datasets.

This product is in an earlier stage of development. We will provide analytics and insight tools into agricultural datasets through simple, secure and instant-access applications and dashboards. The goal is to provide and easy space tp get permitted access to interesting data and help expose new insights to, for example, data scientists and domain experts.

This product is in an earlier stage of development. The digital marketplace for agricultural data. There are large amounts of data out there, and it's quite hard to discover, negotiate and ultimately access this data between partners. MIMIRO eXchange aims to solve these problems by being a trusted broker of data. We can help provide unambiguous and standardized data contracts between partners. Connect data providers and data consumers; simplifying discovery, negotiation and commercial use of data.

Combined forces

At MIMIRO, we combine comprehensive knowledge of agriculture with an in-depth understanding of technology.

Product owners, all with expertise from agri, work together with leading designers and developers to create applications that are user friendly and designed to meet the needs of the future farmer. We aim to be the best environment in the global agriculture space for experts in user experience design, cloud-based applications, internet of things and data security.

In order to build a robust and scalable solution for applications created for the future farmer, we partnered with Amazon Web Services. We are continually pursuing opportunities to leverage the component-based technologies for functional domains like internet of things, security and machine learning. We aim to create a solution that is flexible, cost efficient and built for the future.


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